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Please Donate to Help the Dogs and Cats

On average, we use around 25 lbs of dry dog food, 10 lbs of cat food, 5 cans of dog food, 12 cans of cat food, and 15 lbs. of litter daily. We also wash around 2 loads of laundry a day, and house an average of 40ish animals at any given time. I just would like to thank the community for all the donations and support the shelter receives to be able to care for these fur-babies. We couldn't do this without you! Below is our current/most-reoccurring needs, going into puppy/kitten season: We need:
  • Kitten Milk Replacer,

  • Kitten Chow (canned),

  • Puppy Chow (canned),

  • Cat Litter (Pine/Cedar bedding pellets),

  • Canned Cat Food,

  • Canned Dog Food,

  • Laundry Detergent,

  • 13 Gallon Trash Bags,

  • Newspaper (not magazines),

  • Puppy Potty Pads,

  • Lysol Soap (orange or lemon preferred),

  • New or Unused Pet Crates and Dog Houses,

  • Basic Cleaning Supplies

  • Towels,

  • Blankets,

  • Plastic Dog Beds

The address for shipping is Galax Carroll Grayson Animal Shelter, 201 Fair Street, Galax VA 24333.
On behalf of the dogs thank you.

No Squeeky Toys Please
Toys that make a noise when you squeeze them can encourage some dogs to be aggressive towards young children because they squeek too. The device that makes the noise is usually small and can be harmful if swallowed. Some toys of this type contain a small battery which is poisonous if the dog eats it. The best toys are tuggers, tennis balls and hard chew toys that cannot be ripped apart.

Galax Carroll Grayson Animal Shelter
200 Fair St
VA 24333

Phone: 276-236-8501
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The Galax Carroll Grayson Animal Shelter is a regional shelter operated jointly by the three local governments (Galax City, Carroll County and Grayson County) under the requirements of the Code of the Virginia. The shelter accepts animals as required under the Code and works to place animals back with their owners, adopt them to new owners, or place them with other non-profit animal welfare agencies that may be able to adopt them. Animals are transferred on a first come first serve basis, so always contact the Shelter to check that the animal you are interested in is still available. If you are interested in becoming an animal welfare agency, please call 276-236-5773.

Galax Carroll Grayson Animal Shelter is a small rural facility in the southwest of Virginia. While Galax Carroll Grayson Animal Shelter is not yet a no-kill facility, this is a goal we strive to achieve each and every day. We are also fortunate enough to work with some amazing rescue groups and dedicated individuals who help us move animals to safety each and every week.

Opening Hours (open to the public):
Monday-Thursday: 1pm-5pm
Friday & Saturday: 1pm-4pm
Closed Sunday and Holidays

Visiting Galax Carroll Grayson Animal Shelter
Please phone us on 276-236-8501 to check that the dog or cat you want to visit is still available. Monday-Thursday: 1pm-5pm
Friday & Saturday: 1pm-4pm
Closed Sunday and Holidays
Location Map of Galax, VA.

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